Scrape Retail and CPG(Consumer Packaged Goods) Industry Data - CPG brands using web scraping

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies are going toward recovery. To fast-track the procedure, most businesses capitalize on new opportunities which can assist them in pushing their growth curve up in a shorter period. We help in enhancing CPG brands using web scraping and reach a new heights. In doing so, CPG companies use web data to create advanced business strategies. Web scraping and crawling can be helpful for CPG companies that are looking to deal with disruptions caused by a crisis. CPG Industry Web and Mobile Data Scraping solutions allow businesses to Scrape CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Industry Data in countries like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, India, China, Singapore & Malaysia and transform that into meaningful statistics and patterns which create the foundation of decision making within CPG sector.


Get Your Next Innovative Ideas for Product

Research and innovate new ideas for your product using our automatically generated dashboards. Scrape Retail And CPG(Consumer Packaged Goods) Industry Data in no time and export your reports and graphics without any hassles to share with your team.

Lead Your Innovation

Stay trendy by knowing your customer’s preferences and leading your innovation accordingly for sales and marketing.


Generate Content Marketing to Increase Consumption

Motivate your consumer using the right tone. Use the right moment to deliver recipes, content marketing, and boost your consumption frequency.

Make Your Product Easy Choosing for your Customers

Directly know your customers’ preferences by asking about their needs. Showcase your products’ strong points with suitable packaging strategies and how they fit your consumer’s lifestyles.


Use Cases


Identify Market Opportunities

Our web crawling and scraping solutions can analyze customer needs and respond with great precision. The sentiment analysis can detect the key areas and opportunities to meet customer needs. The CPG companies can leverage the benefits of these insights to generate marketing campaigns and target potential customers.


Monitor Competitor's Pricing

We help CPG and other retail brands to get a clear insight into competitors' pricing strategies Our web crawling and scraping in CPG industry can help them to optimize their pricing and promotions to match the market trends and customer expectations.


Monitor Product Catalog

Monitoring and analyzing a massive mass of product data allows CPG brands to address customers' concerns and fulfill their product specification, design, and accuracy needs.

Why Choose Food Data Scrape?

Our company has no threshold for serving a particular number of requests or extracting specific data fields.

We extract the data as per the client's requirement at all stages.

We use proxy IP addresses and random delays between two requests with the capability to solve the captcha in real time.

We are proud to serve more than 300+ clients within 2 years with our expert team.

We are fully devoted to working on Quality and consistency to deliver the best.


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