Flavor Companies

Food Intelligence for Flavor Companies

Generate exemplary flavor banks using AI and help your customers with detailed, actionable insights about products, diets, and trends.


Authenticate Flavor Ideas, or Perceive New Ones

What’s trending next? Use Food Intelligence to stay ahead in the competition of flavor trends with real-time data on changing consumer behavior and make the best decision for the future.

Become Flavor Guru

Notice what flavors and ingredients balance the existing one. Suggest to your CPG clients the product that determines your flavor’s strength based on real-time trending data.


Give Choices to Your Consumers

Identify the ‘Why’ behind consumer decisions and predict tomorrow’s trending flavor. Deeply research trending consumer motivation and get detailed insights. Adjust your product strategy accordingly.

Give Your Innovation a New Wing

Stay tuned with us to know what emerging trends for 2023 mean for your business and how much impact it has on the food & beverage industry.


Use Cases


Reduces Failure Rate

Using Food Intelligence for flavor reduces the chances of a high failure rate for a new product launch. Give your company a new strength if it has fallen out of flavor.


Lead to Hyper-Personalized Flavors

Use our advance technology of web crawling and scraping in the flavor companies to make food & drink launches more personalized to the taste and preference of the customers.


Monitor Reviews

Food businesses want to know what people say about them – good or bad. Our food data scraping services help extract relevant information to help you know what people discuss about your brand.

Why Choose Food Data Scrape?

Our company has no threshold for serving a particular number of requests or extracting specific data fields.

We extract the data as per the client's requirement at all stages.

We use proxy IP addresses and random delays between two requests with the capability to solve the captcha in real-time.

We are proud to serve more than 300+ clients within 2 years with our expert team.

We are fully devoted to working on Quality and consistency to deliver the best.


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