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How Do You Scrape and Import Data from into MYSQL Database?

How Do You Scrape and Import Data from into MYSQL Database?

Powered by Grubhub, the app and the website of Eat24 make it easy to order food online from thousands of local restaurants wherever you are. In August 2017, Grubhub agreed to acquire Eat24. Let’s understand how it works. As you type the address, Eat24 sends you the results with the number of restaurants that deliver in that specific location and the pickup restaurants near you. You can also search by cuisine, restaurant name, or menu item. You can order online or on your phone when you find what you want. Eat24 also gives you access to reviews, special deals, coups, and more.

To see how this company manages to get more customers and generate high revenue, data collection with Eat24 data scraper is a must. Eat24 contains massive data regarding restaurants, prices, local menu items, and reviews. All these are publicly viewable on websites and mobile apps. However, achieving the manual collection process is a hectic task. Hence, it’s better to scrape Eat24 data to automate the data collection.

Which Data Fields Can You Scrape?

The following data fields are available with Eat24 data scraping.

  • Restaurant’s Name
  • Restaurant’s Address
  • Cuisines
  • Restaurant Distance
  • Restaurant’s Information
  • Delivery Estimate
  • Delivery Fee
  • Minimum Purchase
  • Map Coordinates
  • Hours of Operation
  • Dish Category
  • Dish Name
  • Dish Price
  • Dish Size
  • Dish Pictures
  • Dish Addons/extras/toppings

Reason for Hiring a professional Data Scraping Company for Eat24 Data Scraping

Hiring a professional service provider can deliver exceptional Eat24 food delivery app scraping services with high accuracy and on-time delivery. A service provider like Food Data Scrape provides the best scraping service to scrape restaurant data from Eat24. Listed below are the significant reasons why you must hire a professional company for scraping needs:

  • A professional data scraping company has the resources to cope with big-scale scraping needs
  • As a result of food delivery data scraping services, it is easy to get a quick turnaround time.
  • They provide well-structured Eat24 scraping services with several customization alternates.

How to Scrape and import Eat24 Data?


pipenv install grubhub



Sample order receipt

Sample-order-receipt.jpg Sample-order-receipt-2.jpg Sample-order-receipt-3.jpg Sample-order-receipt-4.jpg Sample-order-receipt-5.jpg Sample-order-receipt-6.jpg Sample-order-receipt-7.jpg Sample-order-receipt-8.jpg

Let’s understand how to import and export databases in MySQL or MariaDB.

Step1: MySQL Database Export

Export your database using mysqldump to SQL text files. It helps in moving as well as transferring databases.

$ mysqldump -u username -p database_name > data-dump.sql

You can verify the contents of data-dump.sql to check if it is an original SQL dump file. The command will create no visual output.

username is the username you can log in to the database with.

database_name is the database to export

data-dump.sql is the file in the current directory that stores the output.

Run the below command.

$ head -n 5 data-dump.sql

The top of the file should appear similar, showing an MYSQL dump for a database named database_name.


Any error during the export process will be visible on the screen.

Step 2: Importing MySQL Database

Create a new database for importing the existing dump file into MySQL. It will consist of the imported data. First, log in to MySQL with another user.

$ mysql -u root -p

Next, create a new database with the following command. In the below example, the new database is called new_database.

mysql> CREATE DATABASE new_database;

The output will be as follows:

Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

Exit the MySQL shell by entering Ctrl+D. You can import the dump file using the following command.

$ mysql -u username -p new_database < data-dump.sql

username is the username you can log in to the database with.

newdatabase is the freshly created database.

data-dump.sql is the data dump file for importing.

If the command runs successfully, it will not produce any output. MySQL will print errors to the terminal If errors occur during the process.


Thus, in this blog, you have come across the importance and role of Eat 24 data scraping services for fulfilling scraping needs.

For more information, contact Food Data Scrape now! You can also reach us for all your Food Data Scraping and Mobile Restaurant App Scraping requirements.

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