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How Do You Scrape Chocolate Data from Grocery Retailers like Target and Kroger?


How Do You Scrape Chocolate Data from Grocery Retailers like Target and Kroger?

Every grocery retailer nowadays needs a dance partner. After Walmart (WMT 0.12%) was acquired, and Amazon bought Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Target, the country’s biggest retailers and grocery sellers, could merge.

About Target Corp

Target Corp is a retailer of food products and general merchandise. The company’s products include clothing, baby & beauty products, furniture, electronic equipment, home &pet products, grocery, toys, etc. It also offers clinics, optical, other amenities, rewards, photo printing, and gift card services. The company also leases retail stores, office space, warehouses, land, distribution centers, and equipment. However, it operates under Expect More Pay Less, Target, and Bullseye Design banners. Target headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the US.

Chocolate Data Scraping from Target

Target is known to be one of America’s most significant stores with unlimited items. Owing to the low prices and quality of products, several buyers prefer to choose a target over their competitors. As much product data is available on the target, we will show you how to scrape chocolate data with Target Grocery App Data Scraping .

List of Data Fields

  • Product ID
  • Product Image
  • State
  • Address
  • City
  • Cost
  • Highlights
  • Price Range
  • Phone
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Websites
  • Opening Hours

Download and install scraper. Click on the new project button, and submit the URL you want to scrape. Once the site gets rendered, it will automatically generate a select command. Here, you need to select the main element. In thiscase, it will look like this:


Rename this selection to scroll. Expand and delete the data that extracts automatically. After selecting the central Div., now, add the scroll function. On the left-hand sidebar, there is a Plus sign. Click on it. Click on the advance and then select the scroll function.


You will require a more significant number based on the page size. Let's make it two times and ensure to align it to the bottom.


Now, click the PLUS sign next to your page command and then select the command. Click on the name of the first product on the page. The selected name will become green. The remaining products will be in yellow. Click the second one on the list. Now, all the products are in green.


Just the left sidebar, rename the selection to the product. The scraper will now extract the product name and URL for each product.

Close to the product selection option, click the Plus sign, and opt for the relative select command

With the help of the relative select command, click the first product name on the page and then on the listing price. You will see an arrow connecting the significant sections.


Repeat these steps to extract star ratings, reviews, and product images. Ensure to rename your new selections.

Again, we will click on each product and extract the additional data from each page. Here, we will extract the product specifications.

Click on the three dots next to the main_template text. Rename the template to search_results_page. Now, choose the click command using the PLUS sign next to the product selection. A pop-up appears asking if this link is the next page button. Click NO and mention a new template name next to Create New Template. Here, we will use product_page.


The scraper will then automatically create this new template and provide the target product page for the first product on the list.


Click on the show more button to expand the specification.


About Kroger Co.

The Kroger Co (Kroger) is a famous in-store and online grocery retailer. Kroger plays a significant role in the production and distribution of food. Kroger includes drug stores, supermarkets, marketplace stores, multi-department stores, and jewelry stores across the US. Kroger’s product portfolio includes general merchandise, pharmacies, natural food & organics, etc. Apart from these, certain high-quality perishable products, electronics, fresh seafood & organic produce, home fashion, apparel, outdoor living products, automotive products, and more. The company sells private label products under Kroger, Baker’s Harris Teeter, Dillons, Home Chef, QFC, Fred Meyer, Fred, etc. Kroger’s headquarter is in Cincinnati, Ohio, the US.

Reasons Behind Chocolate Data Scraping from Kroger

Consumer Buying Patterns: Consumers now prefer ordering condiments and other products online. The e-Commerce option will grow, and retailers will understand the consumers adequately. The user-friendly interface of popular services, additional savings, and multiple payment options are the major driving factor of this sector.

Increase Price Monitoring: You can easily define your marketing policies by monitoring prices. Concentrate on creating an attractive pricing strategy.

Uses of Scraping Kroger Chocolate Data

Below are the summaries of how different companies can use Kroger Grocery App Data Scraping to expand their business

Grocery Retailers: If you open a brick-and-mortar shop, you can expand your business to incorporate virtual comfort. It is the best idea to explore the services of the local merchants in your area.

Online Retailers: If you have an online store with a list of products, you can add grocers to leverage the advantage of this thriving business. Specific retailers with popular brand values can attract more clients, increasing sales.

Bulk Orders:

Knowing which products are in demand among consumers can enhance to maximize your goods. Reviews and ratings scraping can narrow the information related to popular categories across areas and locales, enabling you to add more retailers to your business.

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