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How to Scrape Grocery Data from Udaan, Metro, and Big Basket?


How to Scrape Grocery Data from Udaan, Metro, and Big Basket?

An online grocer is a brick-and-mortar supermarket or a grocery store that enables shoppers to order groceries from the comfort of their homes. Some examples of these online grocery stores are Big Basket, Udaan, Metro, etc.

Big Basket

It is one of India’s largest online food & grocery store. It boasts more than 18,0000 products and over 1000 brands in the catalog. You name it, and they have it! Everything is available on this site: Fresh fruits & vegetables, spices and seasonings, rice & daals, packaged products, beverages, personal care products, etc. The groceries will reach your doorsteps simply by selecting the products from categories and choosing the preferred time slots.


METRO offers a wide range of products regarding grocery items available at a very affordable cost. The website contains every item, including dry fruits & nuts, whole spines, spices powder, sugar, herbs, oil, etc.


Udaan is a B2B trade platform specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses in India. Udaan aims to bring wholesalers, traders, and manufacturers under one roof to market and sell their products nationwide. It operates in multiple categories, including FMCG, pharma, fruits & vegetables, stapes, and general merchandise.

Why Scrape Grocery Websites?

Thanks to the advancement of digital technologies, logistic support, and busy lives, online grocery stores to boom to a greater extent. If you, too, are looking to enhance or expand your grocery delivery service, web scraping is a solution.

However, the objectives of every grocery business using data scraping service is different. Listed below are some of the benefits of scraping data from grocery websites and apps:

  • Understand Consumer Purchasing Trends: With the advancement in delivery logistics, customers nowadays prefer to order groceries online and deliver them to their doorsteps. Scraping grocery websites will help you understand the preferred mode of payment and the type of discounts that customers prefer.
  • Enhance Pricing Strategy: If your brand is available on the grocery delivery platform, staying competitive with pricing strategy is essential. Scraping the data from grocery websites will help you enhance your marketing strategy by correctly pricing strategies and discounts.

Types of Data Scraped from Grocery Websites:

Various data are available, including:

  • Store or grocery name
  • Address
  • Product name
  • Product image
  • Product category
  • Product SKU
  • Product price
  • Discounted price
  • Services available
  • Locations serving
  • Best offers
  • Customer ratings and reviews

How to Extract Data from Grocery Apps Like Big Basket?

Let’s take an example of Big Basket grocery app.

Big Basket is one of the most prominent online Indian grocery retailers that have become popular in Indian metro cities. It is slowly moving its base to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. It resembles an online supermarket where you can avail of all household products from grocery items, personal care, cleaning, etc.

Like other e-commerce websites, Big Basket boasts several valuable pieces of information. But, being a JavaScript-heavy dynamic website, it becomes difficult to scrape. While opening this website on the browser, there goes an AJAX request on the backend, which plays a role in displaying the data on the website. Generally, inspecting any website by pressing Ctrl+U will show the source code of that page having all HTML content. But this doesn’t apply to Big Basket.

Inspect the Element

To inspect the element, first, open the website URL on the browser. Then, right-click on the page and select Inspect. A window named Chrome DevTools will open at the side of the page, where you can see the HTML of the webpage.


Use BeautifulSoup to download the website’s HTML content and perform web scraping.

Scrape BigBasket Grocery Data

We will go stepwise to scrape BigBasket grocery data including product data, including name, quantity, pricing, brand name, product description, etc., using BeautifulSoup and will store it in CSV files.

Step 1: Installing and importing of required libraries into Jupyter notebook


Step 2: Now describe the EAN code listing for the desired product and assign it to the variable eanCodeLists.

eanCodeLists = [126906,40139631,40041188, 40075201,40053874,1204742,40046735, 40100963,400€

Check for the EAN code- 40053874 to get the product’s name, quantity, brand name, pricing, etc.

Step 3: Open the given URL using requests.get(). It makes the HTTP requests to the webpage.

urlopen = requests.get('').textt

Step 4: Use BeautifulSoup to parse HTML and assign the same to the soup variable.


The output will appear like this:


Step 5: Open the BigBasket URL and right-click on the content and get the equivalent HTML tags. Use these tags to find the necessary data.


Click on the Weikfield Chilli Vinegar field, 200g, to get the tag names. It will reflect the brand’s name, product, and quantity.

< h1 class="GrE04" style="-webkit-line-clamp:initial">Weikfield Chilli Vinegar, 200 g < /h1 >

Now, use BeautifulSoup to refer to these tags and assign them to the variable Productinfo.

ProductInfo = soup.find("h1", {"class": "GrE04"}).text # .text will give us the text unc

Step 6: Use the split() method to get the blow result

split(' ‘,1)[1] provides ‘Chilli Vinegar, 200 g and split(',')[0] splits using ‘,’ provides Chilli vinegar.

Step 7: Get Price & Product Description

Step-7.jpg Step-7-01.jpg

Now, we have:


Step 8: Get all EAN codes using the given code.


Step 9: Use Pandas for storing data in Dataframe


Step 10: Save the data into JSON and CSV files in the local directory.

Step-10.jpg Step-10-01.jpg

Conclusion: Thus, using the above steps, you can easily scrape Metro grocery data or use Udaan grocery data scraping services to enhance and prioritize marketing strategies based on consumer needs.

For more information, contact Food Data Scrape now! You can also reach us for all your Udaan, Metro, and Big Basket food data scraping service and Mobile Grocery App Scraping service requirements.

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