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How To Scrape Thousands of Google Maps Restaurants Data?


How To Scrape Thousands of Google Maps Restaurants Data?

Regarding online commercial directories, Google Maps is one of the popular choices for companies trying to increase their customer base. The Google Maps trading index can help you find new customers and provide businesses with a comprehensive online presence. Online mapping is an excellent resource for gathering information about national and international firms. Therefore, to locate potential customers, sellers are frequently using Google Maps. The best option to aggregate massive data is to scrape thousands of Google Maps restaurant data.

Google Maps is a crucial source of potential Business-to-Business referrals for restaurateurs. Using different criteria enables you to construct business address books. Depending on their addresses, features, services, routes, rankings, comments, localities, and other considerations, you may compile a list of restaurants using GPS technology. However, extracting food data from restaurants via Google Maps features thousands of restaurants, and manually pulling restaurants' detailed information from them takes time and effort.

For instance, if users browse for a Pizza joint in a particular region, they would see above 1000 matches across many web pages.

Assume you want a list of Pizzeria in California. In that scenario, you'll have to explicitly cut/paste the names, addresses, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, website links, and other information into an Excel spreadsheet or similar databases. It is also challenging to extract testimonials since many businesses have millions of them. Hence, data extraction through Google Maps for a specific restaurant may take some time.

The ability to swiftly obtain millions of restaurants' detailed information via Maps is made feasible by Web Scraping technology. It is a tedious task to collect the data individually. It hinders your performance and wastes time that could be spent talking to customers and increasing sales.

Utilize Google Maps to Extract Thousands of Restaurant Details Without Any Code


With a simple push of a button, Google Maps Data Scraper allows you to quickly and easily obtain the organization's location using an online navigation system without any technical background. Utilizing Google Maps Scraper, anyone could pull information for any organization or cafe in any town or country.

Google Maps Info Processor collects and transmits the restaurant's email address, contact details, locality, website, ranking, feedback, openings, and other information to the power network. You may quickly download data to a Spreadsheet or file with just a simple touch. Scraping the navigation system lets you quickly get a detailed list of your competitors. Rather than requiring additional apps, GMAP scraper provides organized data for restaurant owners.

List of Data Fields

  • Restaurant Name
  • Complete Address
  • Establishment Type
  • Food Varieties
  • Ratings
  • Total Reviews
  • Price Range
  • Restaurant Timing
  • Contact Details
  • Temporary or Permanent Closed Status
  • Opening Hours
  • Reviewer Name
  • Reviewer ID
  • Website
  • Photos

Scrape Restaurants Data

  • Search for eateries in locations you wish to explore, like New York or California, via an online mapping system.
  • Research and pick any of the restaurants.
  • Tap the extraction Key on the Maps Data Extraction Program.
  • Save the information in any format such as Excel, Text files, or CSV, Excel.


Google Maps is a vast platform containing information on thousands of businesses, including restaurants. If you're looking to extract data on restaurants, there are several methods you can use to accomplish this task. Whether you're looking for information on restaurants in a specific area or want to extract food web data from restaurants worldwide, you can easily scrape thousands of Google Maps restaurant data with the right tools and approach.

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