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How to Scrape Food Delivery Data From Just Eat UK?


How to Scrape Food Delivery Data From Just Eat UK?

The demand for food delivery apps has grown exponentially in the past two years. Every day, millions of people across the country use their preferred devices to do everything like banking, learning new skills, shopping, ordering food, etc. The era of doing everything online is here, and with the rising demand, this trend will continue to grow.

The food delivery platforms and apps boast thousands of listings millions of users prefer. This data is relevant for restaurant and food delivery businesses. The data gives a comprehensive understanding of what their competitors are doing and what their customers prefer.

About Just Eat


Just Eat is a renowned leading online food delivery marketplace connecting customers and restaurants via its platform. It comprises more than 692,000 connected partners offering customers a wide choice of foods. The company's headquarter is in Amsterdam and was created in January 2020.

The company acts as a mediator between independent takeaway food outlets and customers. The platform enables customers to browse for local takeaway restaurants, place orders, pay online, and select the options from pick-up or delivery. Under the same brand name, the company operates in seven different countries.

Importance of Extracting Just Eat Data

Scraping Just Eat Restaurant data can help business owners in multiple ways. As data is essential in building the right plan to achieve business success, seeking professional help from Food Data Scrape can help gather the correct information quickly.Using JustEat restaurant data scraping services, scrape and collect data from Just Eat – UK relevant to your business needs.

List of Data Fields


Just Eat holds several vital pieces of information. Some of the relevant data scraped from Just Eat are:

  • Restaurant names
  • Restaurant types
  • Contact details
  • Menus
  • Location
  • Prices
  • Reviews
  • Discounts, Promos, Offers
  • Ratings
  • Coverage areas
  • Delivery routes
  • Food preparation time

Why Scrape Just Eat Food Delivery Data?

The competition between restaurants and food delivery platforms are continuously increasing. It is essential to capitalize on the data by tracking routes of delivery, food-making time, etc., to help get good benefits. Data scraping is the method of scraping large amounts of information from the target websites or apps.

Although the data utilization is in several ways, below are the acceptable reasons to know why to collect data from Just Eat.

Enhanced Customer Usage: Just Eat is a go-to solution for customers who wish to order food online. Especially during Covid-19, the importance of home eating got a priority. Customers prefer to order at home rather than visit outside for dine-in.

Find Latest Restaurant Menus: By extracting Just Eat, you can quickly discover restaurant options like bakeries, fast food, healthy foods, multi-cuisine, etc. So, if you have a restaurant, you can add these cuisines to your menu to attract several customers.

Marketing and Pricing Strategies: For a successful restaurant business, having the correct menu prices is one of the essential features. Scraping gives you the competitors' price strategy and a direct overview of marketing tactics.

Analyze Customer Reviews and Ratings: After ordering from the restaurants, customers need to post reviews and give ratings to the specific restaurant. Often reviews contain essential data regarding restaurants’ foods and service quality. By scraping customers' reviews, you can understand the weakness of your competitors and offer quality service to your customers.

Complete Overview of Local Restaurants: A complete overview of local restaurants will help make an excellent business plan if you want to open a new restaurant. By scraping Just Eat data, you can gain important insights about restaurants in the area.

Over time the complete process of creating apps and websites is growing by leaps and bounds. The purpose of data extraction differs between companies. Hence, choosing the right Just Eat Food Delivery Scraping API Services that can easily fit one size all is essential. Food Data Scrape offers a customizable online scraping tool that helps monitor the data per your needs.

For more information, contact Food Data Scrape now! You can also reach us for all your food data scraping service and mobile app reataurant data scraping service requirements.

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