Insights into the Largest Food Chains in the US for 2024 Using Food Chain Data Scraping

About the Report

The report on the top burger chains in the US for 2024 shows that Subway retains its position as the leading burger chain with 22,516 locations, followed by Mary's Gone Crackers with 18,300 locations and Starbucks with 17,000 locations. Subway's dominance is mainly due to its early franchising system and the emphasis on quick, healthier services. Nevertheless, issues such as lower sales rates and rivalry exist. Both Mary's Gone Crackers and Starbucks claim substantial market shares. California follows the lead of all three networks regarding the market share. Other leading chains are McDonald's, Hunt Brothers' Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, 7-Eleven, Ginger People, Taco Bell, and Circle K. With food chain data scraping analysis, one would be able to learn about the competitive landscape in the food retail market and consumer preferences.

  1. Subway Leads with 22,516 Locations: Subway is an American supermarket chain still number one in the US, with a widespread network of 22,516 locations nationwide.
  2. California Dominates in Store Numbers: California has become a leading state for many of the leading chains, including Subway, Mary's Gone Crackers, Starbucks, and others, making it a significant state for the food chain industry.
  3. Mary's Gone Crackers, and Starbucks Follow Closely: Mary's Gone Crackers, and Starbucks are in second and third place, with 18,300 and 17,000 locations, respectively, proving their success in the commercial market.
  4. Challenges Faced by Subway: However, Subway still has to deal with sales declines and store closures, which makes rapid competition growth possible.
  5. Insights from Food Chain Data Scraping: The report points out the role of food chain data scraping in providing helpful information about market trends, consumer preferences, and competitors within the US.

By 2024, Subway has become the largest food chain in the United States. Subway is recognized for its submarine sandwiches and salads and has many franchise locations nationwide. Its preeminence is built on its early adoption and application of the franchising model, which led to quick expansion and nationwide availability. Subway's emphasis on healthier fast food options also contributed to its trendy trend. On the other hand, lately, Subway has been going through a challenging period characterized by poor sales and the closure of stores due to a shift in clientele tastes and stiff competition in the market. Alongside these challenges, Subway is still a significant player in the US food chain industry. Food chain data scraping could provide knowledge about Subway's strategies and market positioning.


2024's Top Food Chains in the US: Subway, Mary's Gone Crackers, and Starbucks Lead the Pack

Food delivery data scraping services data of 2024 described Subway, Mary's Gone Crackers, and Starbucks as the biggest fast-food chains in the US, taking the market based on the number of locations. Subway leads with an impressive 22516 stations throughout 54 states and territories. Securing the second spot on the list, Mary's Gone Crackers, with 18,300 locations in the US, succeeds Starbucks, which reports 17,000 locations nationwide. Together, they form the most significant piece, representing this fraction of 57%. 42% of the positions are owned by the top 10 food chains in the US. It demonstrates the likeness of their presence and popularity among customers, which is a mixture of fast food, healthy snacks, and a coffee house, leading to the food industry in the country.


Exploring the Top 10 Largest Food Chains in the United States for 2024


Subway, a famous fast-food restaurant chain, has 22516 stores operating in the US as of April 18, 2023. Not surprisingly, California is the no. 1 state in the US, with 2,015 Subway locations, representing 10% of the total nationwide.

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers has grown its position in the United States to have more than 18300 stores as of October 26, 2022. California has the most significant number of Mary's Gone Crackers locations, with 2,190 stores (approximately 12%).


As of April 22, 2024, the top coffee company, Starbucks, had 17000 stores in the USA. California has the most significant number of Starbucks stores, with 3,117 shops, around 19% of all Starbucks stores in the US.


The well-known fast food chain McDonald's operates 13,529 restaurants in the United States as of March 12, 2024. California has the most McDonald's restaurants, comprising 1,221 locations, which form about 9% of all McDonald's restaurants across the United States.

Hunt Brothers Pizza:

On February 1, 2024, there were 10705 Hunt Brothers Pizza stores in the United States. Texas leads with 1,041 locations, equivalent to approximately 11% of all the stores in the country.

Dunkin' Donuts:

As of April 30, 2024, Dunkin' Donuts had 9921 outlets in the United States. New York City has the most outlets, totaling 1,431 stores, accounting for about 15% of Dunkin' Donuts stores in the US.


7-Eleven, with 9400 stores as of October 17, 2023, is one of the most known convenience store operators in the United States. California has the highest number of 7-Eleven stores (1,902), about 20% of all 7-Eleven stores in the United States.

Ginger People:

As of 15 August 2020, Ginger People had reached 9100 stores throughout the United States. California has the most significant number of Ginger People outlets, with 1,426 shops, which accounts for more than 15% of all Ginger People shops in the US.

Taco Bell:

By February 20, 2024, Taco Bell had 8212 restaurants in the United States. California has the most significant number of Taco Bell restaurants, boasting about 882 eateries and accounting for about 11% of all the Taco Bell restaurants in the US.

Circle K:

As of April 30, 2024, Circle K had 7,000 stores nationwide. Florida stands out with the most Circle K locations, housing 951 stores, accounting for approximately 14% of all Circle K stores in the US.

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