Understanding Zomato's Dominance in Online Delivery Using Restaurant Data Scraping

About The Report

The report digs into the quick development of Zomato amid the challenging background of the widespread, shedding light on its meaningful development in the online food delivery industry. Despite the financial downturn, Zomato experienced a noteworthy surge, with the United States showcase seeing a fantastic 150% development amid the COVID-19 flare-up. Leveraging our food delivery data scraping services, the investigation centered on critical cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston, highlighting Zomato's dominance in these cities. Comparisons with its fundamental competitor, Postmates, gave profitable data to Zomato's competitive edge. We will consider different components contributing to Zomato's success, including cost competitiveness, delivery time proficiency, different cooking alternatives, client feedback, and client surveys and evaluations. By emphasizing these essential viewpoints, Zomato has cemented its position as a frontrunner in the online food delivery sector, setting a point of reference for proceeded development and success in the industry.

  1. The food delivery industry experienced noteworthy development amid the widespread surge of over 150% in the United States.
  2. Zomato has emerged as a prominent player in the online food delivery sector, capitalizing on the rising demand for home delivery services.
  3. Our restaurant data scraping services analyzed Zomato's fast extension, centering on major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston.
  4. Zomato holds the most significant showcase share (42%) in Los Angeles, with Los Angeles driving in the number of Zomato-listed restaurants.
  5. Key components contributing to success incorporate cost competitiveness, delivery time proficiency, differing food alternatives, and client audits and ratings.
  6. Zomato presented highlights like "Zomato Confirmation" and "Zomato Rewards" to improve client fulfillment and benefit quality.
  7. Zomato's commitment to quality and client fulfillment has established it as a pioneer in the food delivery industry, giving it a competitive edge over rivals like Postmates.

Owing to the challenging situation resulting from the pandemic, one sector has experienced remarkable growth. It was none other than the food delivery industry. In the United States, this sector experienced significant growth of more than 150% during the outbreak of COVID-19, as compared to the previous growth rate of 8%.

Zomato, a renowned player in the food delivery business, has gained significance with the rising demand for home delivery services using social distancing measures.

This article delves deep into how our food delivery data scraping services analyzed Zomato's rapid expansion, highlighting the major cities with high Zomato user bases like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. At the same time, our restaurant data scraping helped compare Zomato's performance with its main competitor, Postmates.


The data provided by the restaurant data scraper reveals a significant trend. Angeles dominates the market with the most extensive user base, contributing to approximately 42% of total sales. In contrast, Houston's share of sales is relatively small, accounting for just 5%. This data underscores the influence of densely populated regions on sales volumes.


Los Angeles leads with the highest number of Zomato-listed restaurants (10,800), followed by San Francisco (5,500) and Houston (2,300).

One of the most encouraging findings from our data analysis is the high level of customer satisfaction. Approximately 65% to 70% of customers express contentment with their Zomato online ordering experience. It underscores the importance of prioritizing customer satisfaction in the food delivery industry.

Our analysis of the scraped restaurant data reveals a clear winner in Los Angeles-Zomato, with a staggering 42% of the market share. This success begs the question: What factors contribute to the triumph of online food delivery platforms like Zomato?

  • Price Competitiveness
  • Delivery Time Efficiency
  • Diverse Cuisine Options
  • Customer Support Quality
  • User Reviews and Ratings
  • Price Competitiveness

Competitive pricing and attractive discounts significantly attract and hold customers on food delivery platforms like Zomato. Users are drawn to platforms offering cost-effective meal options and lucrative deals.

Delivery Time Efficiency

Efficient and timely delivery is essential for customer satisfaction and loyalty in the food delivery industry. Zomato prioritizes swift and timely delivery services to enhance user experience and short-term repeat orders.

Explore the estimated Zomato delivery times for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston below:


Typically, customers in Houston experience a waiting time of around 38 minutes before their Zomato orders are delivered. See the graph below:


Zomato, always striving to enhance customer satisfaction and service quality, has introduced a game-changing feature: ' Zomato Assurance.' This feature is designed to ensure your convenience, promise timely food delivery, and offer the best prices in the market, surpassing our competitors.

In the rare event of a failure to meet our assurances, Zomato steps up to the plate. We value your loyalty and trust, so we compensate our users with exclusive perks through our 'Zomato Rewards' program. You can easily file claims within the app, and eligible orders receive assurance perks for future orders, ensuring you always feel appreciated.

Pricing & Discounts

India's online food delivery market soared to a significant value of INR 15,000 crores in 2020. In this competitive landscape, Zomato shines with its price competitiveness, which is a critical factor in our success. Amidst the pandemic-driven growth, our discounts and affordability continue to attract customers, giving you the confidence that you're making the right choice.

Zomato stands out for its competitive menu prices and frequent discount offerings. Additionally, Zomato Gold membership gave users special privileges such as exclusive deals at partner restaurants and free delivery on qualifying orders, increasing the overall user experience.


Diverse Culinary Choices

Zomato constantly expands its restaurant network, adding hundreds of eateries to its platform monthly. It ensures a vast selection of cuisines for users to explore. The following chart offers a glimpse into the variety of cuisines available on Zomato across various cities.


In addition to offering diverse options, Zomato prioritizes quality to entice consumers to order frequently. Consequently, users can easily access top-rated and popular cuisines through the platform. The following chart illustrates some of the most sought-after cuisines available on Zomato across different cities.

In-addition-to-offering-diverse-options,-Zomato-prioritizes-01 In-addition-to-offering-diverse-options,-Zomato-prioritizes-02

Recent studies have revealed that delivery-related issues have led to dissatisfaction among approximately 80% of clients. In response, Zomato has implemented various effective measures to address these concerns, including improving delivery updates and reducing wait times. The platform's commitment to transparency is evident in its feature that allows restaurants to provide real-time updates on order status, from food preparation to delivery. Moreover, Zomato has streamlined the ordering process, enabling customers to place orders within 45 seconds, significantly improving from the previous minimum of two minutes.

Impact of Reviews and Ratings

Extensive research indicates that online reviews can significantly influence dining decisions, particularly among the younger population. Zomato users who read reviews are 1.5 times more likely to place an order, underscoring the crucial role of positive feedback. Zomato's strategic focus on maintaining high ratings and reviews is a testament to its understanding of this influence. The platform enforces strict guidelines for listed restaurants and delivery partners, ensuring timely and accurate order delivery and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Zomato's Competitive Edge

Zomato's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality has firmly established it as a leader in the food delivery industry. By implementing stringent protocols for restaurants and delivery partners, Zomato ensures that users receive orders promptly and accurately without compromising quality. These initiatives have played a significant role in Zomato's success and popularity among customers, instilling confidence in its position as a leader in the industry.

For more insights, refer to the chart below:


Approximately half of Zomato's customers have rated the available menu options with a favorable score of 4 out of 5 across all three cities. Refer to the chart below for a visual representation:


Upon further examination of the reviews, we delved into the underlying sentiment conveyed by users. The sentiment analysis findings have been condensed and visualized in the chart below.


Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that approximately 65% to 70% of customers express satisfaction with their orders. Around 10% of customers also provided neutral feedback across all three cities. Interestingly, our analysis revealed a notable trend: many consumers refrain from leaving reviews and ratings on Postmates. Nearly 80% of users abstain from providing feedback. This need for user-generated content may lead to doubt among potential clients, possibly inciting them to investigate elective nourishment conveyance stages.


Amid the thriving online food delivery industry, Zomato stands tall. Understanding and prioritizing the above factors ensures continued customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Embracing the New Dining Norm

In recent years, dining trends have experienced exceptional change. What was once constrained to pizza and speedy takeout alternatives has advanced into a worldwide showcase surpassing $200 billion. With online food delivery witnessing exponential growth, now is the opportune moment to enter the market. By leveraging comprehensive restaurant databases and efficient pickup and delivery strategies, success in this dynamic industry is within reach.

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