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How Can Restaurants Analyze Current Dessert Trends by Collecting Food Data?


How Can Restaurants Analyze Current Dessert Trends by Collecting Food Data?

According to a new Datassential survey, customers value what they say and do. In a recent study, 53% of customers said they ate dessert the day before, although only 18% admitted to eating dessert at least once a week.

Desserts are essential for restaurant owners when many customers want to order in or take out. Desserts significantly impact many customers' lives, whether as a sweet treat in the afternoon to get the rest of the work done or as a thoughtful dessert after a meal. Let us read on to see how Food Data Scraping Services can help you understand the latest dessert trends for your restaurant.

Customers rely on dessert as a necessary complement to their meals, which can lead to significant additional revenue and improve the overall customer experience, making them more likely to return or make another visit.

Readily available desserts have the enormous sales margins of any dessert type. Despite their popularity, desserts such as cheesecake and cake do not necessarily offer operators the best value for their money.

About 60% of business owners believe their dessert menus contribute to their success. However, when asked which delicacies bring in the most money, they responded that items often require less preparation or can be eaten on ice cream, brownies, muffins, cookies, and cupcakes. These desserts are the most popular and have the highest profit margins.


Of all desserts, cookies and cakes have the most significant profit margins and sales.

Understanding how your customers tolerate sweets at the end of a meal versus sweets often eaten as a snack can help you develop a better dessert menu. For example, most cheesecakes, pies, and other desserts are eaten as treats at the end of a meal. In contrast, other fast or readily available foods, such as ice cream and cookies, are the most popular snacks.

When tasting a dessert, the taste is the most important criterion for consumers, and most pay less attention to health and other characteristics they consider essential in other products. When buying sweets from outside, more than half of all consumers consider taste one of the three most essential elements. For restaurant owners, taste comes first when creating and changing a good dessert menu.

Consumers want sweets that are also familiar - a sense of wistfulness always helps desserts taste better. Wistfulness, on the other hand, means something different to everyone. For example, older generations prefer sweets like pineapple cake, cherry pie, and fruitcake. Food Web Data Scraping helps you understand which dessert is the best seller and is well-liked by customers of all ages.

In general, people are interested in sweets, which are known all over the world. In particular, frozen desserts from around the world are described by Datassential as a "megatrend" that 39% of customers find very tempting. Young customers are very tempted.


Many international delicacies, including pot de crème, halwa, churros, mocha, and halwa, are among the top ten desserts with the highest growth rate.

Although most people prioritize taste over health when choosing sweets, companies must recognize the market for vegan desserts. More than a quarter of the population and 45% of young customers still find sweets appealing. Having vegan options available was essential to more than 33% of customers who buy sweets in restaurants or take them home.

In addition, the word vegan was the fastest-growing term on frozen dessert menus, accounting for 169% of frozen treat menus over the past four years. Although few people follow a strict vegan diet, many customers want to choose a vegan option when available, highlighting the potential of vegan desserts as an additional revenue stream for restaurants.

Companies offering Food Data Scrape services are the best solution providers for restaurant operators. If you are also a business owner and have questions about Food Data Scraping and Mobile App Scraping, please contact us or request an online quote! We have observed the latest trends in desserts, which are in high demand.

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