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Top Ten Applications of Food Data Extraction in UAE


Top Ten Applications of Food Data Extraction in UAE

Importance Of Food Data Extraction in Restaurant Business

In recent years, online food ordering has seen several changes as technology continues evolving.

1. The online meal delivery business is projected to grow by 8% each year through 2023, reaching a value of $8.04 billion in that year.

2. The rise of about 8.90% in revenue is predicted yearly, with a $96.50 Billion market value until 2027.

Other meal delivery service providers looking for new possibilities may incorporate new technology into their systems to boost their competitive advantage. For instance, Food Delivery App Data Scraping might help your online meal delivery business. On the other hand, as the meal ordering and delivery business grow, it is harder for companies to distinguish their products and earn a profit.

The food industry may optimize and speed up the data extraction procedure with the help of web scraping solutions reducing the time and quantity of labor-intensive data retrieval.

Let's discuss the best five use cases for online scraping for food delivery in this article, explaining what meal delivery data is and how it is collected.

What sort of information may be retrieved from meal-ordering platforms?

The Food Data Extraction technique helps gather data that accesses geo-based information on food delivery, automatically extracts it from the location, and downloads the derived information in an organized manner called web scraping. The data shown below may be accessed and removed via web scraping.

Online meal delivery data include:

  • List of food items
  • Food delivery hours
  • Operating hours
  • Deals and promotional offers
  • Picture of food or menu
  • Cost/Feedback/Ranking

Let's check out what is included in Restaurant data:

  • Restaurant name
  • Contact information
  • Location reviews & ratings

An illustration of a food product layout


Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in UAE:


The online meal delivery business is rapidly growing into one of the most successful businesses in the world. Many entrepreneurs are now investing in the food industry, considering the long-term benefits of food delivery services. The Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in UAE are listed below:

  • Careem
  • Zomato
  • Talabat
  • Munch:On
  • Deliveroo
  • EatEasy
  • Eat Clean
  • Instashop
  • Noon Food
  • Make my meal

What Is the Role of Menu Data Extraction Services in the Food Industry?

Food delivery systems such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, Zomato, Swiggy, and others may be scraped using Food Data Extraction tools. The following diagram depicts the usual process of data extraction technologies for obtaining information from specific websites.

  • Search the website whose data you require.
  • The page entered in the browser's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) box will be crawled and displayed by the scraper tool.
  • Pick the information you want to retrieve, such as menu listings, pricing, and comments.
  • The extractor will collect the necessary data.
  • After scraping, the retrieved information will be stored in the specific form according to your choice, like JSON, CSV, etc.

Primary food delivery services, such as Eat Street, Zomato, and, segregate product information into multiple listing sites. This process is termed Pagination. Pagination helps to boost page speed and user feedback. A few examples of Pagination are the 'Download again" tab, a "new" link, an indefinite scroll, or integer pagination.

The web scraper will cease the process of extracting data once the process is completed. However, online scrapers need help to remove paginated website pages. You may directly execute the scraper on each product page. For example, if you search Uber Eats for noodles, you will see that the category page includes multiple product categories. Check the below steps to manage the paginated website pages:

  • Use the filter option to browse several web pages.
  • Create a pagination sequence to resume scraping pages after the existing page is done.

A demonstration of multiple pagination strategies.

5 Best Android Data Scraping App Use Cases for Online Meal Delivery

1. Setting market-based prices

Food Data extraction help businesses in collecting food prices, such as discount data and menu prices, from competitors' product sites. The price of a product is based on the buyer's demand. The technique used to determine a product's price is called Market-based cost.

It would be helpful to find out the domains of competitors offering online meal delivery services before selecting the data you want to extract. These details will serve as input for your extractor. The fundamental stages for determining your top competitors are as follows:

  • Identify the product price according to the current marketing pricing.
  • Determine whether your leading competitors are offering similar products and serving the same market as yours.

However, it would be best to analyze your indirect contenders to conduct complete market research. Indirect competitors target the same audience but offer variable goods or services. Customer review surveys, market research, and studying social media sites and platforms like Reddit and Quora can help you discover your competitors. McDonald's competitors include Taco Bell, Wendy's (WEN), and Burger King.

Choose the product listing sites of your top competitors for extracting data. It would be best if you first analyzed your perceived brand worth. Many purchasers, for example, choose higher-priced goods that accentuate the value of the specific brand. However, focusing on pricing to be competitive rather than on the consumer is not feasible for long-term success. Too high pricing might affect the sales of your organization. Even a low pricing strategy may result in low profits.

2. Deal with local competitors

Urban areas face tough competition for new businesses. It would be beneficial to understand their operating strategies and what makes them unique to gain a competitive advantage. Web scraping tools can help enterprises to identify their competitors by capturing data on selected stores and food orders based on navigation.

Businesses can rank food delivery websites or search for a food service provider in a specific region to explore potential collaboration opportunities. You can access their contact information, website rating, distribution networks, and working hours to learn more about how they operate. If your B2B company works primarily with local businesses, you can find restaurants near you by narrowing your searches to cities and countries.

3. Convert client feedback into information

73% of people say customer service impacts their shopping choices. Nearly 49 percent of US customers believe that businesses provide excellent customer service.

Customers purchase products based on previous customer experiences.


It takes time and effort to extract consumer feedback through multiple meal delivery applications. Businesses may use web scraping to acquire restaurant ratings from various meal delivery platforms. Companies may use natural language processing to analyze the acquired customer feedback information. Manually or with the help of a data annotation tool, You may retrieve text data terms as unfavorable or adverse.

Businesses may better understand their products or services offered to customers based on collected review data.

An illustration of customer feedback


4. Enhance demand prediction and management

Imprecise prediction leads to excess or insufficient inventories. Digital forecasts can reduce distribution network errors by 20%–50%.

Implementing Digital forecasts improves prediction accuracy by using actual data from internal and other information resources, such as social platforms and online delivery services. Web scraping enables enterprises to collect massive amounts of data regularly, quarterly, and annually to run Ai systems.

Results of Automated prediction models for industry


5. Learn about innovation

Businesses can use scraping to collect menu items, meal descriptions, food preparation time, and delivery routes from numerous web sources. Extracted data assists businesses in analyzing existing trends and keeping up with the constantly changing marketplace in the restaurant industry.

Sainsbury's, for example, has aimed to remove about 18.5 million drinking straws each year to decrease its use of plastic wrapping by fifty percent until 2025.

In the United States, about 15.5 million individuals consume entirely vegetarian meals. Add organic meals to your food menu selections and obtain precise information about the product from respective websites to discover how your competitors are progressing.


Smart online meal delivery apps are easy to use and are quite popular among youngsters and food lovers. Numerous reputed organizations offer complete scraping solutions such as Food Delivery App Data Scraping and others on a budget with easy-accessible features compared to other online meal delivery services. Check our website to learn more about Food Data Scraping and Mobile Grocery App Scraping

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