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How Do You Scrape Google Maps for Local Restaurants Data & Lead Generation?


How Do You Scrape Google Maps for Local Restaurants Data & Lead Generation?

Scraping Google Maps for local restaurant data and lead generation is relatively simple. First, you must install a web scraper like Scrapy or BeautifulSoup. With the tool of your choice installed, you can scrape Google Maps for Local restaurant data & lead generation. Use a script to send requests to Google Maps, scrape restaurant data, and store it in a CSV file for further use.

While using a web scraper, it is essential to note that Google Maps has anti-scraping protection, so you may require a proxy server to avoid blocking. Scrapping over a few hundred records in a single session can also ban your IP. To avoid this, use a rotating proxy pool to ensure requests are from different IPs.

After successfully scraping the data, using it to generate leads, and categorizing it into separate files depending on the types, then conducting targeted outreach to the listed businesses’ owners.

Overall, scraping Google maps for local restaurant data and lead generation is a simple process that can provide valuable insights for your business.

Importance of Google Maps Extractor

  • It is free and easy to use per the customer’s need.
  • It provides maximum features to the users.
  • It is easy-to-use tool.
  • It is completely bug-free and a customer support tool to function as per customers’ requirements.
  • The interface of this tool works easily and efficiently.
  • The reports of this extractor comprise all major and minor details

How to Extract Restaurant Data from Google Maps?

Most of us want to know more about unspecified places and search for the Google Maps scraper tool to seek help. The Google Maps Business Extractor provides outstanding results in a few seconds.


It provides all the information about phone numbers, email, and others. The only requirement is to enter the details you want about restaurant data and other required information.


If you are the one who is looking for the perfect restaurant in the area or want to make a profile for your customer, Google Maps scraper is the perfect option.

Extraction Process

The procedure to scrape the data is as follows:

Select the Google Maps extraction extractor installed in your browser. From the menu, select the option of signing in with Google. Enter the essential credentials of your Google account.


Select the option ‘Open Google Maps.’ It will direct you to the main screen of the tool.


Now, click the search option and enter the relevant keyword related to the restaurant. Initiate the procedure by clicking the start extracting option.


Select the option of ‘export detailed list.’ It will give you data in an excel file. Download this file and save it.

Wait to complete the extraction.



The steps above are a complete procedure to extract restaurant data. It consists of a comprehensive report providing each piece of information.

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