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How To Do Zomato Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup and Python?


How To Do Zomato Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup and Python?

One of the essential tools for collecting menus from various websites is Zomato Food Data Extraction Tool. It extracts prices, creates an aggregator, or provides a better user experience on existing food ordering websites and apps.

Here we will use BeautifulSoup to extract customer information from Zomato. Below is a description of a simple script from Beautiful Soup that you can use to update CSS filters and ask for the appropriate information.


We also send the user agent information to simulate a browser signal in this case. Let us now locate the expected Zomato scraping result.


If we look at the web page, we can see that each element of the HTML is integrated into a tag with the class Search Results.


The script below can be used to divide HTML code into multiple sections, each containing data for a single object, such as:


After code execution:


The following code separates the HTML cards:


You will see that the name of a restaurant usually includes the title of the subclass result. Now take a look at the result.


The following results are sent to the above code:


Now let us extract some more data.


When implemented:


The output includes ratings, comments, prices, and addresses.

The rotation of the user agent string informs Zomato that it is not a comparable browser. Besides, Zomato can block all your IP addresses so that you can avoid additional tactics.

Overcome IP Blocksd

The difference between valuable and error-free Zomato menu data scraping projects is that it will finish the task by investing in private rotating proxy services like Proxies API. Rotating proxies API will be seamless, and IP blocking will solve all issues instantly.

  • It uses millions of faster Conquering IP Blocks performance proxies distributed worldwide.
  • With the help of our automatic IP rotation, our automatic user agent string rotation allows us to mimic requests from legitimate browsers and web browser versions.
  • We use an automatically generated CAPTCHA-solving algorithm.
  • Several customers could overcome the IP blocking problem using a simple API.

A simple programming language API can manage the entire process.

curl ""


In the above blog, we have provided how Zomato Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup in Python work? Contact our expert team if you want deeper knowledge on Zomato Restaurant Web Scraping Listings Using Python. You can also contact us for all your Food Data Scraping and Mobile Grocery App Scraping needs.

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