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How to Scrape Google Maps to Find Toronto Restaurants Data?


How to Scrape Google Maps to Find Toronto Restaurants Data?

The technique of collecting data from restaurants via Yelp or Google Maps for restaurants is called Food Data Extraction. To collect data about restaurants in Toronto, one must look for the longitude and latitude of each restaurant listed in the Yelp directory for Toronto, after which they must be displayed on the public map. The information may be sorted with the help of the restaurant's categorization. Continue reading the blog to learn how Web Scraping helps to extract Toronto restaurant data by category through Yelp or Google Maps.

How to Scrape Data for Google Maps Showing Toronto Restaurants?


Scraping of Data

The data will be scraped from Yelp's categories section of Toronto Restaurant. By selecting a category online, the program will obtain every restaurant displayed with its location, longitude, number of comments, ranking, address, contact information, restaurant, and purchase price.

Map Creation

You may try several methods for plotting the data, including Google Maps API; however, the best choice is to display the data on public maps.

What Information will You Search For?


Toronto is known for its variety, with BBC Radio identifying it as the most diverse city. Yelp's 132 restaurant categories reflect the city's different cultures. Almost half of the population was reared outside Canada, with 232 countries mentioned. Learn more in the blog on Web scrape Toronto restaurant data by category using Yelp or Google Maps

Communities of Ethnicity

Little Italy, Little India, Little Tibet, Little Jamaica, Little Portugal, Chinatown, Greektown, and Koreatown are just a few examples of the many areas in Toronto that are associated with specific communities, according to Wikipedia's List of Neighborhoods in Toronto. By checking for the boundaries of each region and comparing them on the maps with other restaurants, one can locate the majority of restaurants in each of their distinct places.

One may search several different neighborhoods for the following restaurant types:

  • Restaurants serving Indian food are located throughout the city, but this area seems to have the most. You'll find Little India on Gerrard Street East between Greenwood and Coxwell Avenues in Toronto.
  • Similarly to Indian food, Italian food is generally accessible, with a modest concentration in the neighborhood known as Little Italy.
  • You can see both Indian and Italian restaurants on the maps, indicating Little India on the left and Italian restaurants on the right.

Various restaurants are found mainly in ethnic neighborhoods:

Most Portuguese restaurants are located around and within the Little Portugal area of Toronto.

There are few Tibetan eateries in the area, although there is a cluster near Queen Street West's far west end.

Maps with estimations of Little Portugal show Tibetan restaurants on the right side and Portuguese restaurants on the left side.

Some are concentrated in many places:

While there are many Greek restaurants in Greektown, particularly anywhere along Danforth, there are quite a few in the Financial District.

The city is full of Chinese restaurants. Many restaurants may be seen in the downtown area close to Chinatown, the north zone of Yonge Street, and the northeast region of Markham. Most Korean eateries are in the urban region, with Yonge Street's north end and Koreatown's Bloor Street West having the higher concentration.

Chinese restaurants marked with Chinatown are located on the left, Greek restaurants highlighted with Greektown are situated to the right, and Korean restaurants in Koreatown are shown to the right.

Although Little Jamaica is home to many Caribbean restaurants, the east and uptown area also have many eateries. There are a few outside the downtown area, some on Yonge Street and its surroundings.

Several didn't seem to be grouped in almost any way:

Maps featuring Jamaican restaurants display Little Jamaica.

Additionally, it is observed that specific locations are home to several restaurants representing diverse cultures:

There is a collection of Ethiopian restaurants located at the Danforth.

One can find a plethora of Ethiopian restaurants on Danforth.

Numerous Tapas and Spanish restaurants may be found just west of downtown.

There are numerous South American restaurants surrounding the Humber River and at the west-end area of the city.

Ethiopian restaurants are located on the left side, Tapas and Spanish restaurants are at the center, and Latin American restaurants are located just on the right, such as Argentine Colombian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Latin American, and Salvadoran.

Financial District

The downtown area is well-known for its cafés, soups, salads, and sandwiches. While browsing the numerous categories, there could be a definite abundance of Sandwiches, Soups, Cafes, and salads within the Financial District. These are the restaurants wherein people eat lunches during the workday

The Waffle Mile


The Waffle Mile restaurants will be highlighted in Green.


Parkdale has several vegan eateries. They are primarily located on the city's western edges, whereas Parkdale is home to only a few vegan restaurants. Parkdale is indicated on maps with vegan restaurants. The names are inspired by upcoming restaurants that don't even appear on the maps.

On the maps, you may see many other unique restaurant category trends.

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