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How to Scrape Restaurants and Menus Data from Uber Eats?


How to Scrape Restaurants and Menus Data from Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is an online food delivery platform and ordering app based in the USA. This app allows customers to order, track, and search for their desired food items. It helps in ordering food as per your choice from a wide range of restaurants. Uber Eats spreads over 6,000 cities, with 66 million users in 2020. By 2020, there were nearly 6,00,000 Uber Eats restaurants.

However, information is available on Uber Eats. If your business is also in food delivery and wants to grow further, extracting data from Uber Eats is extremely important. In such a situation, Uber Eats Data scraping services comes into play.

By extracting restaurant listing data and food details from Uber Eats, you can easily avail restaurant data, menu data, delivery charges, discounts, competitive pricing data, menu categories, descriptions, reviews, ratings, etc. You can also read the blog about the importance of web scraping Uber Eats food delivery data

Lists of the significant data fields scraped from Uber Eats are:

  • Restaurants names
  • Restaurants addresses
  • Number of restaurants
  • Restaurants reviews
  • Multi-cuisines
  • Customers reviews
  • Payment methods
  • Restaurants menus
  • Types of products
  • Food price
  • Food description

Let’s first understand how to use Uber Eats restaurants and menu data.

Listed below are some of the ways that you can use scraped Uber Eats data to enhance your business strategies:

Restaurant data: Using the restaurant data, you can track the availability of the open restaurants in the locality and analyze their brand presence using the name, type, images, etc. You can also scrape website for restaurant menus from Uber Eats.

Discounts/Price Data: Beat the competitor in pricing with attractive discounts and offers. Deal with the price strategy to ensure that your offering is competitive.

Ratings & Reviews: Analyze the quality gaps in every location and adopt your brand strategy associated with ratings and reviews.

Opening Times: Discover which chains and services offer early breakfast or night-light deliveries by knowing the areas where competition is high.

Scraping of Restaurants and Menus Data from Uber Eats


Get detail insights into how to scrape restaurants and menus data from Uber Eats. Here we will find all restaurants on Uber Eats in Burlington. We are using the Python BeautifulSoup4 library to scrape food delivery data from Uber Eats. Because this library is versatile, super lightweight, and performs quickly with limited use of animation and Javascript.

Install using the pip library and then run.

pip install beautifulsoup4

Then, import it into your program using the:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
pip install beautifulsoup4

Import the following at the top of your program:


Now, we have all the libraries. So, for scraping restaurants, we will refer;

Retrieve the webpage contents using the following code lines.


The above lines instruct the program where to look, request the specific webpage while mimicking a user using Mozilla 5.0, open such a page, and then finally parse the page using BeautifulSoup4. Now, we are all set to extract our desired data.

Here, we are interested in scraping Uber Eats restaurant data in Burlington that are available on Uber Eats. Start with the data that you want to scrape from Uber Eats. For this, right-click on the name of any restaurant and then hit Inspect. The source code will pop up, enabling you to see the tags of each element.

In this case, after right-clicking on Taco Bell (777 Guelph Line) and hitting Inspect, the line we get is:

< h3 class="h3 c4 c5 ai">Taco Bell (777 Guelph Line)< /h3 >

It indicates that Uber Eats uses the < h3 > tag to analyze all the names of the restaurants on the page. So, we will find every < h3 > tag on the page to avail the restaurant names. We will perform this using the following snippet code:


This simple Python loop iterates via webpage content that the BeautifulSoup library has parsed. Using the ‘findAll’ method, we can list each element in our ‘soup’ object containing < h3 > tag. We will print the object x’s text field within the ‘for’ loop. It will give the following


Finally, we have a complete list of the Burlington restaurants and menu data on Uber Eats.

Finally, we have a complete list of the Burlington restaurants and menu data on Uber Eats. By scraping restaurant and menu data from Uber Eats, you can easily collect relevant information for your business needs. For more information, contact Food Data Scrape now! You can also reach us for all your food data scraping service and mobile app data scraping service requirements.

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