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How to Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Using Different Methods?


How to Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Using Different Methods?

TripAdvisor reviews help you get great hotel and airline cost data to help further you expand and grow your business operations. It also consists of massive hotels, travel locations, and restaurant data.

You can scrape the web with automation to gather data from TripAdvisor reviews to scrape and utilize all the data for your needs. Web data extraction is the process in which you run automated APIs and collect the web data from the HTML code of sources and save it in a digestible format like a CSV or Excel file.

Extracting TripAdvisor review data is one of the most efficient ways to collect data currently. It will help improve your bandwidth to Analyze, organize and synthesize the available business patterns of the hospitality segment.

What is the Significance of TripAdvisor Reviews?


How many reviews did you see on TripAdvisor? It has had over 950 million reviews on lodging, hotels, and other hospitality services recently in 2023. As an output, the evaluation of TripAdvisor may deliver information related to flights, experiences, facilities, and many other topics, enabling users to explore the different tourist attractions in a specific location.

  • Get detailed information for travel destinations.
  • Gain knowledge about lodgings, new places, and other activities.
  • Stay away from falling into tourist traps or classic blunders.

For instance, if you wish to spend your quality weekend on yourself, web scraping can help to finalize nearby affordable cities to trip. Likewise, web scraping can help you discover and avoid typical blunders when exploring the location.

If you're running a tourist and travel business, you must look at TripAdvisor reviews considering that the following use cases will help you.

  • Discover the reputation of your facilities and plan how you can Improve it. If you run a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or winery tour business, you will still benefit from TripAdvisor reviews that give your ideas to understand public behavior.
  • Learn the recent developments in your travel business and the action to keep going with trends and lead competitors.

How Does Data Scraping Help Collect TripAdvisor Reviews Information?


Data collection is the most efficient way to access and use large amounts of TripAdvisor evaluation data. A scraping tool can help you collect and store the collected data in sheets for review, analysis, and market research.

Before, you had to enter many fields manually in spreadsheets after checking TripAdvisor reviews. Let's take an example below.

  • It was a perfect 5-star hotel.
  • In March 2022, the customer reviewed it again.
  • The user sent a review from the desktop.
  • In December 2021, the user visited the location.
  • The review helped many people.

Taking notes for every review is necessary if you scrape the data instead of filling sheets manually. You can filter out the best reviews according to your requirements and locations. Extracting data for nightly pricing, i.e., can assist you in discovering the best offers for rental apartments. Further, you can sort TripAdvisor reviews for date and author details.

How to Scrape TripAdvisor Review Using Data Scraping API?


The data scraping API will help you extract data from any website instead of manual entry in real-time.

Talking API is a coding network allowing multiple computer programs and pushing them to exchange web data without disclosing the code. Further, API allows you to create a data pipeline from the data scraping campaign to a data analytics tool or your database without manual entry since APIs transfer the data from one software tool to another.

The API allows you to scrape as many data categories as possible, saving time in reviewing your database for essential information. You can use programs to control the API and send commands to the data scraper to get the desired data from a specific category, even if you're not in front of your device. It will allow you to keep analytics on datasets like cryptocurrency chart value.

Even though APIs are complex, scraping TripAdvisor reviews is a simple process.

Start with the following process:

  • Access your data scraping tool, and install it on your device. Study the documents of the tool before you install it.
  • Visit the target website you want to extract and put the URL.
  • Note down the URL in the notepad, or anywhere you make your notes.
  • After pasting the URL, you'll get the total Output in HTML.
  • Many web scraping codes have sequences to scrape text, inner HTML, JSON objects, various attributes, or even whole HTML. These categories to scrape are available depending on the scraping software. So ensure to pick the proper tool as per your needs.
  • After running, API simplifies the process and reflects all expected categories of HTML.
  • Then, you can add the scraped data to your preferred analysis tool like SPSS, XLSTAT, or any other after getting the complete output.

How to Use HTML Module to Extract TripAdvisor Reviews?


You should know how to write code for data scraping before using APIs. But it is not possible for everyone, so if you are one of them, you can still scrape data for TripAdvisor reviews with our predesigned HTML Module.

Here are the steps to scrape the required data:

  • Go to HTML scraper of Food Data Scrape to collect any HTML information online.
  • Write or paste the target URL in the form.
  • Use the CSS selector field properly and paste the CSS selectors and search elements you want to scrape.
  • Paste XPath details in the respective fields.
  • After filling in all the information discussed above, click on I am not a robot, and begin the process by clicking the start scraping button. It will give you the HTML form of target URLs in a CSV file. You can get all types of data using this scraper.
  • Finally, you can download the CSV format of the data or directly add it to your main database file.



You can scrape TripAdvisor review data using any of the above methods. However, If you are still waiting to get the data using the Mobile Grocery App Scraping, you can contact us at Food Data Scraping and get the customized data per your needs.

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